Water Damage Photo Gallery

bathroom being dried with flooring taken out

Bathroom Flooded

Residential Restoration

After this bathroom flooded due to a leaky pipe, our team at SERVPRO of Whittier came to the rescue. We removed the damaged flooring and began the drying process using our advanced air movers. 

team member getting a moisture reading

After Water Damage

Restoration Process

Our team at SERVPRO of Whittier were on call immediately to this house that suffered water damage. One of our team members is taking a moisture reading to find out the severity of the damage. 

equipment and floor damage

Master Bedroom Water Damage


SERVPRO of Whittier responded to find water damage throughout the master bedroom and bathroom.  Demolition taken place to remove flooring and drywall to start the drying process and restore this home back to pre water conditions. 

crawlspace water loss

Crawlspace Water Damage

After the Storm

Excessive rain can cause standing water in your crawlspace.  This crawlspace suffered from water damage after significant rain hit the Whittier, California area.  We performed water extraction, set up equipment for proper drying and applied chemicals to prevent secondary damages. 

Ceiling Water Damage

The ceiling of this home suffered from a water loss after a broken pipe from the second floor burst.  The water had leaked throughout the entire second flooring and left drywall and ceiling damage below. SERVPRO quickly responded and begin clean up.

Wood Water Damage

After the wet drywall was removed, wood was discovered and need immediate attention to prevent secondary damages. The team used proper drying techniques to dry quickly and effectively. Air movers were put in place also for drying.

Ceiling Water Damage

SERVPRO responded immediately to begin assessing and start the clean up procedures after a water loss was discovered.  We have a meter used to determine the amount of moisture present to get a plan together for procedures. 

Washer leak causing water damage

After a washer leak, this home suffered from water covering the floors.  The team at SERVPRO responded with professional cleaning and drying equipment to restore the home back to pre water conditions. 

Water Loss to Tile Flooring

This home suffered from a significant water loss.  The water had spread throughout the home to other rooms.  Luckily the affected area was tile making it easy to extract the water and place air movers for drying and easy sanitizing. 

Containment in house

Containment for Protection

Safety is a Priority

In every job, a containment is a very important part of the process to protect areas of the property that are not affected by moisture, dust, smoke, or mold spores.

We prioritize safety and want you to be as comfortable as possible in your home or business.

Our team at SERVPRO of Whittier is here to help you with your restoration needs.