Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm and Water Equipment

SERVPRO has professional drying and cleaning techniques to remove water after a storm. The crews quickly responded and removed all water and put drying equipment in place to prevent secondary damages. 

Exterior Board up

The exterior of the building was boarded up after a storm hit the area.  The wood was put up to secure the location and keep intruders out during the clean up process. 

Storm Clean up

After water and wind has resided and the sun comes out, SERVPRO of Whittier quickly responded and begin the board up the exterior wall to keep intruders from entering during the clean up process. SERVPRO of Whittier is your leader in the storm clean up process.

Storm Damage

After a storm hit the Whittier area, a local music shop suffered from significant storm damage.  The exterior walls had been mangled causing wind and rain to enter the store and cause water damage. 

Storm Damage and Equipment

SERVPRO of Whittier has professional drying equipment for your storm and water damage.  We responded immediately and begin the mitigation process.  We put air movers in place for quick and effective drying. 

Whittier Storm Damage

This exterior of the building suffered from storm damage.  The winds from the storm tore down signs, ripped off shingles and left the exterior with damage.  SERVPRO of Whittier has storm restoration crews ready to respond when severe storms hit the area.